About the Program


The department of Architecture at Istanbul Rumeli University aims to train architects, who have social commitment and are professionally competent, creative and open to critical thinking and equipped to plan the future.

The curriculum is supported by workshop studies, historical circumferences and land excursions as well as inviting successful architects. Being an education that focuses on creative thinking and good drawing skills, an architectural education becomes more effective when it is supported by various disciplines.



The program of Architecture is an undergraduate program of four years. Graduates are awarded with the undergraduate degree of “Architecture” and title of “Architect”.

The program contains numerous elective courses outside the specialization areas of architecture. In addition, the program possesses computer-supported designing courses for the purpose of following the developing technology. This makes students competent in using digital technologies. Architecture at Istanbul Rumeli University regards the creative process as a phenomenon that is supported by various computer programs, interdisciplinary courses, panels and excursions.



Those who prefer the program and intend to work as architects should:

·         have an awareness about the profession as well as social commitments.

·         follow contemporary technology and be a pioneer for the technological developments of the future.

·         follow new developments in the area of design and keep up with current affairs.



·         Have advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of architecture.

·         Be able to recognize problems, collect and gather data, produce different solutions.

·         Be able to understand the relations between architecture and other disciplines through an interdisciplinary approach.

·         Be able to use computer-based information technologies

·         Be able to design an original architectural project

It is possible to pursue an academic career through master’s and Ph.D. studies and serve as research assistants, assistant professors, associate professors and professors at universities. It is possible to specialize in the field of construction, construction physics and architectural design.