About the Program


The undergraduate program of Computer Engineering aims to educate successful engineers who are able to think analytically in their field.


Computer Engineering is an undergraduate program of four years. Graduates are awarded with the degree of “Computer Engineering” and the title of “Computer Engineer”.

Students are provided an intensive programming education which will enable them to take place in IT projects upon their graduation.

The department of Computer Engineering closely follows technological developments. Our department conducts research projects on current issues such as machine learning, data mining, collective learners, image and video processing, optimization and database management systems. Our students take on various duties in research projects and learn highly significant professional methods under the supervision of our experienced academic team. They acquire work discipline and experience in project development.

Technical and elective courses that are offered to our students make sure that our students improve themselves in various specialization areas of computer engineering. On the other hand, non-technical elective courses in the curriculum make sure that students widen their horizon with other disciplines and have the opportunity to apply their engineering skills in different areas.


Those who prefer the undergraduate program of Computer Engineering and intend to work as computer engineers in the sector should have the following skills:

Logical deduction and design
Analytical thinking
Enthusiasm for research and new knowledge
Openness to individual development
Algorithmic thinking by dissecting a whole into its constituents.


Education at our department consists of introductory engineering courses, computer software and hardware analysis. The department of Computer Engineering intends to educate engineers who can meet the sector’s needs. It is intended to offer a current engineering education by closely tracking scientific and technologic developments.

It is possible to pursue an academic career at universities as research assistants, assistant professors, associate professors and professors by completing a master’s and Ph.D. program following the undergraduate degree.